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 Doro Pesch

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MessageSujet: Re: Doro Pesch   Dim 25 Sep - 18:29

S’entretenant sur le podcast One On One With Mitch Lafon, la chanteuse Doro Pesch déclare : « Maintenant nous sommes en train de concevoir un nouvel album et j’espère qu’il sortira l’année prochaine. Nous avons déjà cinq chansons – une est dédiée à Lemmy. Elle s’appelle ‘Living Life To The Fullest’. »
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MessageSujet: Re: Doro Pesch   Lun 9 Avr - 18:22

DORO unveils cover artwork + title of new album - Forever Warriors, Forever United -

The long-awaited new studio album of DORO will be released on August 17th, 2018 via Nuclear Blast! Today, the metal queen is proud to announce the title of the follow-up to her hugely successful release »Strong & Proud« (2016, #1 Finland, #2 Germany, #3 UK & Sweden): Get ready for »Forever Warriors, Forever United«!

DORO s 20th album will be a huge milestone as the band‘s first-ever double album, so fans can expect 24 (!) brand new songs from the metal queen, which will also undoubtedly feature some stunning surprises.

The album cover artwork was once again created by DORO s favourite artist Geoffrey Gillespie. It portrays DORO in the middle of a swarm of wild metal heads exuding attitude, power and a lot of positive vibes.

"The cover and the title form a perfect unit," DORO explains, "Just as it should be. It all fits perfectly in line with the songs, which also deal with some political themes."

"There are some big anthems on the album, countless heavy songs, as well as heart-warming melodies! The album is supposed to give you power and thus contains a lot of energy!"

DORO continues: "On »Forever Warriors, Forever United«, there will be a lot of big rock heroes. Fans might be curious about the many awesome guest musicians involved."

Fans can note that the first single All For Metal will feature several metal heroes, who can also be seen in the upcoming music video which will be released in May. The list of these stars will be unveiled soon... and DORO is already convinced "that All For Metal is going to be the new All We Are !"

Guitarist Doug Aldrich (WHITESNAKE, DIO, DEAD DAISIES) and former WARLOCK guitarist Tommy Bolan, who also contributed to the highly acclaimed album »Triumph & Agony« in 1987, will of course also be part of the new album.

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Doro Pesch
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